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Off-the-Plan Conveyancing

Buy property off-the-plan stress free 

If you’re buying property in Victoria off-the-plan, our conveyancing services will ensure your interests are protected at all times.

Off-the-plan transactions can be complicated given the complexity around stamp duty payments and the property build months or years away. Our expert team has more than 35 years’ combined conveyancing experience, so from straight forward off-the-plan purchases to complex matters, we’re qualified to handle it all.

Our experienced team can review the Contract of Sale and Section 32 and ensure stamp duty savings are maximised for your off-the-plan purchase. We can also represent you right through to settlement so your off-the-plan purchase is a success.

Helping you buy off-the-plan property

Buying property off-the-plan means entering into a contract with a developer for a property that could be months or years away from completion. This is much riskier than buying an established home.

Our conveyancing services for buying property off-the-plan are aimed at making the experience as secure, smooth and stress-free as possible. We explain all the legal jargon and ensure deadlines aren’t missed. Most of all, we keep you in the loop every step of the way until your property settles.

Stress free off-the-plan conveyancing.

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Why choose Darebin Conveyancing?

Experience: more than 35 years’ combined conveyancing experience

Specialised: extensive knowledge about all areas of conveyancing

Transparent: always keep you in the loop about your property transaction

Attention to detail: meticulous and efficient

Fixed fees: competitive upfront fixed pricing with capped disbursements

Prompt: FAST response to emails and phone enquiries

Friendly: answer any questions

Tech savvy: use the latest online systems and technology

Secure: use the latest cyber security and virus/malware software to keep your personal information safe


What our clients say about us

Clients describe us as down-to-earth, professional and supportive.

‘Highly recommend. Always available to answer calls and assist with questions. Make the process simple and stress free.’
‘Great job by the team. Easy to deal with, fantastic communication throughout the entire process and very prompt in responding. I highly recommend.’
Stress free off the plan conveyancing.
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